Zuru Xshot Excel Double Mk 3 Combo Pack With 16 Darts 3 Cans

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SKU: ENT556519-001
Product description:

Double the trouble with 3 times the blasting fun! The X-Shot Excel MK 3 allows you to blast 3 darts in quick succession thanks to its rotating barrel.

Hit targets from up to 24m / 80 feet with total accuracy! The perfect blaster for attacks requiring speed and agility!

Product features:
  • Blast 3 darts in quick succession with the MK 3's 3 dart capacity and rotating barrel.
  • The MK 3 can his targets from up to 24m / 80 feet away.
  • The MK 3 has a pull to prime function that allows you to blast darts with speed and agility.
  • The pack includes 3 Can Targets which break on impact. Practice your shot before battle, can you hit the bullseye?
  • Age: 8 years and above

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Shiuh Rong Yong
Best for value

I lilke it, especially bought with the promotion price!