Addo Out To Impress Pebble Painting Neon

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With everything you need to decorate pebbles into colourful glittery creations, enjoy lots of crafty fun with the Out To Impress Neon Pebble Painting set. Enjoy creative play your way, with the Out To Impress Neon Pebble Painting set - a great gift for any child that who loves to get creative and explore their imaginations. With the bright neon paints, glittery accessories and pretty transfers, decorate and personalise your 6 smooth pebbles however you like. You can try and copy the creations on the box or make up your own beautiful pictures and designs. Can you paint a heart, some flowers or even a unicorn fairyland? There is no limit to what can be painted on to the stones! This set provides everything you need to transform your pebbles. The paint is water resistant so you can display your pebble or hide them outside for your friends to find. For vibrant results, let the paint dry then apply another coat. Children can also use the colour chart on the back of the pack to help you blend any colours you need to complete your fun masterpieces.

Product features:

  • Safety warning: Not suitable for children under 36 months

What's in the box:

  • 6 x pebbles
  • 6 x acrylic paints
  • 1 x paint brush
  • 24 x gems
  • 2 x glitter glues 
  • Transfer sticker sheet


  • Age: 6 years and above

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Absolutely delightful!

Bought this a few weeks ago! I’m glad because the product EXACTLY as shown on website and I absolutely love it!! They are an absolute joy to have!! Thanks Entertainer!!