Failfix Take Over The Makeover Doll - @Loves.Glam

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Help your new bestie fix up her look with the @Loves.Glam FailFix Take Over The Makeover Doll.

@Loves.Glam tried to follow the latest beauty tutorial, but things didn't go to plan. Can you help her get ready in time for her next red carpet event? First, put on the special face mask to reveal your doll's brand new makeup look. Then, open up the surprise packages to show her new outfit. Don't forget to style her hair with the included accessories too.

Product features

  • Reveal @Loves.Glam's surprise fashion! Will you find a Rare or Ultra-Rare outfit with special finishes on the material?
  • Pamper @Loves.Glam and transform her makeup by applying the Magic Spa Maskremove it to reveal a look she will love!
  • Fix @Loves.Glam's hairstyle by removing the accessories stuck in her hair and brushing out the fail!
  • Finish off @Loves.Glam's transformation by using the included Hair Curler Tools to create the 'Red Carper Curls' look she was trying to achieve!


  • Age: 6 years old and above
  • Safety warning: