Addo Nickelodeon Liquid Lava Putty Glow In The Dark

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You won't be able to keep your hands off Liquid Lava Putty!

Stretch it, squish it or simply let it ooze through your hands. Liquid Lava Putty is super versatile and tons of fun to play with. What's more, this special edition glows in the dark.

Break it up then stick it back together again – the possibilities are endless!  This unique gunk also comes in a wide range of colours so is great to collect (each sold separately). Keep pots at home, on your school desk and in your school bag – that way you'll always have Liquid Lava Putty to share with friends.

For best Glow in the Dark results please expose the putty to strong light for a few minutes, the longer it is left the more the putty is charged.

A great gift for ages three and up. Colour may vary depend on availability.Â