4M Kidz Labs Kitchen Science

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Product description:

Perform amazing kitchen experiments with everyday materials. Generate electricity by using a fork and lemon. Launch a rocket fuelled by baking soda and vinegar. Build a table top volcano which erupts with bubbly “lava".

Product features:

  • Generate electricity using a lemon. Launch a rocket with vinegar.
  • Write secret messages and more. With 6 exciting experiments that use common household ingredients, this kit converts the average kitchen into a science lab.
  • Introduce your young science enthusiast to basic concepts of electricity, chemical reactions, propulsion, and more. The 4M Kitchen Science Kit includes materials for performing six classic home science experiments.
  • Convert your kitchen into a science lab with this fun and educational science kit. Create a working volcano, generate electricity with a lemon, launch a vinegar-powered rocket and much more.


  • Age: 8 years and above

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Absolutely delightful!

Bought this a few weeks ago! I’m glad because the product EXACTLY as shown on website and I absolutely love it!! They are an absolute joy to have!! Thanks Entertainer!!

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