Takara Tomy Ania Transform Big Fall Mountain

SKU: LTT137948

・ A powerful roller coaster play where you can put Ania on a freight car and run through a big mountain at once!
・ The highest altitude in the history of Ania, over 50 cm.
・ Thrilling! Rock attack play chasing after the top of the mountain!
-Rails can be recombined! You can create multiple patterns of courses!
・ The course can run not only the attached freight car but also Tomica.
・ Drop an apple ball from the top that is over 50 cm high and roll it to the feeding ground.
-Includes a ruins exploration map where you can play with Ania's animals, aquatic life, dinosaurs, and pet series! With one dedicated freight car!
・ With white king gorilla. (You can move your arms and legs. You can lift rocks.)

Item No .: 4904810137948
Manufacturer: TAKARATOMY
Package size: W430 x H280 x D300mm
Target age: 3 years old