Vivid Vet Squad Figures Vet And Pet - Assorted

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Prepare for unique animal-saving adventures with the Vet Squad Figures range.

Ava & Leo The Cat

What will you imagine with your new Vet Squad set? Whether Ava and Leo undertake a mountain rescue or rush to help their friends, there are so many opportunities to create exciting storylines with this sweet set.

Inside the pack, you'll find:
• 1 articulated Ava figure
• 1 Leo The Cat figure
• 1 clip-on backpack
• 2 accessories.

Yara & Luna The Rabbit

Yara's special skill is making medicine for her injured friends. Help her save the day with this exciting set, with Luna The Rabbit always by your side. Whether you're experimenting in the lab or adventuring in the countryside, you can create lots of fun storylines with these BFFs.

Inside the pack, you'll find:

• 1 Yara figure
• 1 Luna The Rabbit figure
• 1 clip-on backpack
• 2 accessories.

Robin & Snowy The Owl

Robin and Snowy love adventuring together. They're always looking for opportunities to help their animal friends, especially if they're in trouble or injured. Imagine your own unique storylines with this sweet set, which has everything you need for lots of fun.

Inside the pack, you'll find:

• 1 Robin figure
• 1 Snowy The Owl figure
• 1 clip-on backpack
• 2 accessories.

Emily & Brooke The Dog

Emily loves hanging out with her favourite puppy, Brooke. Whether you're saving your other animal friends or going for a long walk in the countryside, she never goes anywhere without her trusty sidekick.

This set comes with:

• 1 Emily figure
• 1 Brooke dog figure
• 2 bone accessories
• 1 backpack accessory.

Suitable for ages 3 years and above

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