Goliath Burping Bobby Game

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Bring some silliness to game night with the Burping Bobby Game.

Bobby is the stinkiest hippo around! Kids will love taking turns to feed Bobby with the included food tokens. Then, they must turn the handle to watch him eat. Be careful, though. If a player overfeeds him, he'll let out a terrible green burp, and that player loses.

Hippo emits light and steam!

Once installed, turn the power switch to "on" and place the hippo in the middle of the playing area. Remove either of the hippo's ears and use the pipette to fill it with water before putting the ear back in place. Spread the tokens on the table face down and you're ready for some gassy fun!

Easy to learn gameplay

On your turn, announce the type of food token you plan to pick up: garlic, onion, soda, cheese, pizza or beans. Randomly select a food token from the table. If you pick the correct food, you score the points and keep the token, face up, in front of you.

Develops fine motor skills

If you pick the wrong food, you must feed it to the hippo! Check the number that appears on the token, and then open the hippo's mouth. Place the food on top of the tongue. Close the mouth, and then turn the crank the number of times indicated on the token. The hippo will chew and swallow the food.

Fun (and gross!) random action

Play continues with the next player, but watch out! Eating too many smelly foods can have some nasty effects. Keep playing until the hippo delivers a terrible green BUUURRRP! The unlucky player that he burps on loses their highest valued food token, and the player with the most points wins! With its gross, but fun, unpredictable action, kids will love playing again and again!

This action-packed game is suitable for 2-4 players and requires 3 AAA batteries to start the fun (batteries not included).

For ages 4 years and over.