Baby Born Surprise Bath Doll

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Get ready for a splash and a splash of water surprises with Baby Born Surprise bathtub surprise. This sweet baby doll comes in her own real glitter bathtub. Use water to wipe away her sleepy eyes to reveal her eye color. Then unwrap her towel swaddle to discover her adorable hairstyle. Give her a bath in her bathtub and rinse her with cold water to reveal her color change hair surprise. After her bath, feed her from her bottle, and she really pees. The water reveals a diaper surprise charm and color change. Dip her cute rubber ducky in water and watch it dissolve to reveal her cute t-shirt. Use the details about her to find her name and fill in her unique story. Each bathtub surprise includes a doll with wipe-away eyes and color change hair, 2 diapers with diaper surprises, a charm, a charm bracelet, a swaddle towel, A bottle, a collector's guide with games and a glitter bathtub.

Product Dimensions : 5 x 13 x 15 inches

Item Weight : 1.1 KG

Recommended Age : 3 year and above