Alpha Strike Fang Qs-4 Blaster (style vary)

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SKU: ENT542166
Age: 8+

This Neft Alpha Strike Fang QS-4 Blaster (Styles Vary) is the perfect way to get into the adrenaline-pumping action and excitement of Nerf.

This easy-to-use Nerf gun is a great addition to any collection and makes a great first Nerf. Load soft Nerf darts into the four barrels of your gun, pull down the handle to prime, and press the trigger to fire your dart!

This gun comes with 10 official Nerf Elite darts so you can shoot and reload.

  • Includes 10 Nerf darts
  • Available in either Orange Or Blue colour (Styles Vary)
  • Easy to use and hold 
  • Load, aim and fire at your next target


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