Baby Annabell 43Cm Annabell Doll

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Baby Annabell cries real tears, can be rocked to sleep and loves her dummy!

She’s just like a real baby with a soft body and beautiful face, while offering a realistic parenting experience for little wannabe parents. She even moves her mouth when being fed and laughs when tickled!

As well as being lots of fun, Baby Annabell is the ideal toy for helping develop a sense of empathy and responsibility in children — plus the Baby Annabell range of clothes and accessories might inspire a new generation of fashion designers!

Suitable for children aged 3 years and over.

Key Features

  • Baby Annabell doll, bottle and dummyÂ
  • Dress Baby Annabell in her romper, hat, bib and necklaceÂ
  • Soft body doll with lifelike baby noisesÂ
  • Realistic mouth movementsÂ
  • Real doll tears and sleeping eyesÂ
  • Reacts to touch and movementÂ
  • Doll size: 43cmÂ
  • Batteries required: 3x AA, not included