Goo Goo Galaxy Diy Galactic Slime Activity

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Get ready for adorable playtimes with Goo Goo Galaxy D.I.Y Galactic Slime Activity — Astra Nommy.

Say hello to the most adorable little space travelers to ever land on earth! From far away Goo Goo Galaxy come the goo drops. They have crash landed on earth and are looking for a new home. The goo drops' Squishy, jiggly bellies are filled with some of the galaxy that they have traveled from. There are four Goo Drops to discover, all with different glittery, squishy bellies and personalities — Astra Nommy, Luna Laguna, Yumi Unicorn and Stella Skygems

Product features

  • Squeeze astro nommy's squishy belly and see her glittery pink and rainbow galaxy move about inside her! She's filled with sweet, sprinkle sparkles from pludough, her home Star.
  • Make your very own, out of this world 'goo-to-go'! The goo drops have brought a surprise intergalactic slime activity with them from outer space - all you need to do is mix, make and display!
  • Enjoy an out-of-this world unboxing experience! Open the space Pod and discover what Astra nommy has crash landed with!


  • Age: 3 years old and above