Melissa And Doug Around The House Sound Puzzle

SKU: ENT540270

Lift one of the eight peg puzzle pieces to see and hear what's happening in each room of this busy house! This unique sound puzzle lets kids discover an alarm clock waking up a child in the bedroom, the car engine roaring to life  in the garage, breakfast sizzling on the stove in the kitchen, and much more. Replace the piece to immediately stop the sound and move to the next room! The interactive, sturdy wooden puzzle helps develop fine motos skills and auditory processing skills, and encourages problem solving and narrative thinking.

Product features

  • 8-piece wooden sound peg puzzle with realistic household sounds
  • Sounds play when pieces are lifted, stop when they are replaced
  • Lift a piece to reveal new picture of an activity happening in each room of the house
  • Encourages motor and auditory processing skills, problem solving, and narrative thinking


  • Age: 2 years and above
  • Measurement: 22.23 (H) x 29.8 (L) x 1.90 (W)