Sylvanian Families Red Roof Country Home

SKU: ENT539791

The Red Roof Country Home is the perfect place for all of your Sylvanian Families to live.

The modular design of the Red Roof Country Home means that you can reconfigure the four large rooms into fun new designs.

With three working lights, and the ability to open up to 180-degrees, the Red Roof Country Home is a perfect play area for Sylvanian Families stories and adventures.

Combine the Red Roof Country Home with other Sylvanian Families figures and playsets for even more imaginative fun.

Key features

  • Enjoyable pretend play
  • 3 working lights
  • Can open up to 180-degrees
  • Includes a total of 22 pieces
  • Can be made into three-storey house

An excellent addition for Sylvanian Families fans 3 and over.