Bakugan 8Cm Ultra Action Figure And Trading Card Assorted

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SKU: ENT539387

Unleash the power of Pyrus Trox by rolling him over the BakuCores to see him transform.

Get ready to face off against friends! See who can become the ultimate Bakugan Master, using the character and ability card provided and optimised for Pyrus Trox, to defeat your opponent. This Battle Pack contains one 8cm Bakugan Ultra, two BakuCores, one Character Card, plus one Ability Card. There are over 100 Bakugan Ultras to collect — including Aquos Gorthion, Aurelus Hydorous, Aquos Turtonium, Aurelus Krakelios , Haos Maxotaur and  Darkus Cyndeous. Each sold separately, subject to availability.


  • Age: 6 years old and above
  • Assorted item, design and colour will be picked randomly.