Bruder Class Tractor Nectis

3 years+
SKU: ENT535210-001

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Make way for the Bruder Class Nectis Tractor, the best vehicle a farmer could ask for. Always there when you need a hand with all your farmyard chores, this particular Brunder Class Tractor is a specialist piece of equipment.

While it can help with regular farming duties such as helping you check on the animals, these are particularly handy for vineyards and orchards. With its powerful engine and special chassis design, the Class tractor can turn and move around even the tightest of spaces on the roughest terrain. When you combine this with expansive windows so you can see all around you, you’ll be able to collect all the fruits you could want to take back to your family.


  • Age: 3 years old and above
  • Safety warning: 

Customer Reviews

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Absolutely delightful!

Bought this a few weeks ago! I’m glad because the product EXACTLY as shown on website and I absolutely love it!! They are an absolute joy to have!! Thanks Entertainer!!