ZURU Bunch O Balloons Slingshot

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Throw your water balloons as fast as you can tie them with the Bunch O Balloons Slingshot! Only with Bunch O Balloons can you tie 100 water balloons in 60 seconds. For that kind of speed you need a speedy launcher!

Fling your water balloons up to 100 feet and blast the competition out of the water! Now you have the firepower! Bunch O Balloons stems and O Rings are 100% recyclable and balloons are made from natural latex rubber.

Product features

  • Blast Balloons up to 100ft/30m with the ZURU Bunch O Balloons Slingshot plus 100 self-sealing, rapid fill water balloons!
  • With the slingshot, you can soak targets from up to 130 ft before they even see it coming! Simply load the Slingshot pouch, draw, aim and fire!
  • With ZURU's innovative O-Ring technology and Rapid Fill capabilities enables you to do more filling and more playing without the hassle of hand-tying every individual water balloons!
  • Say goodbye to the stress and mess of filling individual water balloons, and hell to never ending summer fun! Simply connect, fill and make hundreds of water balloons with no hand-tying.


  • Age: 6 years old and above

Customer Reviews

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Absolutely delightful!

Bought this a few weeks ago! I’m glad because the product EXACTLY as shown on website and I absolutely love it!! They are an absolute joy to have!! Thanks Entertainer!!