RMS Jacks Gl Style Swirl Art Nail Bar

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Give yourself a unique makeover with the GL Style Swirl Art Nail Bar.

If you love manicures, this is the set for you. Design and decorate your own false nails however you want, to really impress your friends and family.

Your set comes with 10 sets of nails, so you can choose a different look over and over again. With eight different coloured paints, you can get really creative with your outfits.


The fun really starts with the swirling machine, which helps your nails to look super special.

When you’ve spun your magic, use the glitter powder and stickers to complete your designs.

Perfect for amazing manicurists aged 7 and up.


  • Swirling machine
  • 10 sets of plastic nails
  • 10 sets of nail tape
  • 3 bags of glitter powder
  • Holographic stickers
  • 8 paints
  • Rubber band
  • Instructions