Hexbug Nano Zip Line Started Set

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Build to new heights and send your HEXBUG nano whizzing through the air with the Zip Line Starter Set.

Set up the multi-level habitat and watch your HEXBUG scurry up the spiral ramp. Then clip it onto the 18cm long cable and send it on a zooming off on a zip lining adventure.

This fantastic set features 23 easy to connect pieces and comes with a rare HEXBUG nano mutation. You can also combine it with other habitats to create mega layouts.

Suitable for kids aged three and up. Please note: Only compatible with other Nano V2 sets.

What’s in the box?

  • Rare HEXBUG nano mutation
  • 4 x Zip line clips
  • 18cm Zip line
  • 23 x easy-connect pieces


Manufacture: The Entertainer

Our product number: ENT513752