4M Crystal Growing

SKU: 4M-03913

4M Industries now offer Crystal Growing packs that offer many different colour possibilities! Mix blue, red and clear seeding mixtures to create wondrous crystal colours or use them as they are! The included chemical components (sourced from Belgium & Australia) are among the finest and the results are amazingly crystal clear! Crystals grow to a size of 4-5cm when full formed and can be showcased for your family and friends with the included clear case.

Try these crystal colour combinations:

To create light blue crystals, mix one part blue and three parts clear crystal seeding colours.
To create purple crystals, mix two parts blue and two parts red crystal seeding colours.
To create light pink crystals, mix one part red and three parts clear crystal seeding colours.

What's in the box:

  • 1x bag of white crystals (monoammonium phosphate)
  • 3x small bags of colour crystal seeding mixture (blue, red, and white),
  • 1x clear container with cover
  • 1x seeding spoon and detailed instructions.
  • Please note: Contents are for growing 1 crystal.


  • Age: 10 years and above