Top 10 Addo Toys


Addo Pitter Patter Pets Giddy Up Hobby Horse 90Cm

The Pitter Patter Pets Giddy Up Brown Hobby Horse is a plush toy horse with sound effects. It is intended for kids ages 2 and above. The horse has a soft, chestnut plush head with a white nose and beautiful blue eyes. It also has a fluffy mane and a fabric covered stick or play reigns. Children can ride around and imagine exciting adventures on their Hobby Horse. The horse also has sound effects that can be activated by pressing a button on its neck.

Addo R Friends Doll 18 Megan

Megan is a 46cm/18 inch soft bodied poseable #Rfriends doll with stunning long (13 inch/33cm) brunette natural look and feel hair. She loves spending time with her friends doing all the things she loves. Megan loves fashion and dreams of becoming a famous fashion designer. In her spare time she makes accessories to complement her outfits. She comes with a ruffle sleeve gold foil polka dot t-shirt and netted pink skirt with lurex waistband. Her poseable body makes it easy for even the smallest hands to dress and style her. It is recommended for kids 3 years and up.



Addo Woodlets Alphabet Abacus V2

The Woodlets Alphabet Abacus is an educational toy that helps children learn the alphabet and numbers. It features colorful blocks that can be spun around to reveal different objects, and it is tri-lingual for English, Spanish, and Quebec French. The Abacus is perfect for developing children's learning and stimulating their imagination. It is suitable for kids ages 3 and above.

Addo Woodlets 5 In 1 Activity Cube

The Woodlets 5 in 1 Activity Cube is a compact (14cm x 14cm) and colorful toy designed for toddlers ages 12 months and above to explore and learn through 5 activities. The cube is perfect for helping little ones essential skills like fine motor control, problem-solving, color and shape recognition in a fun and engaging way.


Addo Little Lot Peek A Boo Animals

The Peek-a-Boo Animals toy from the Little Lot range is a classic preschool toy that helps children aged 6 months and above learn shapes, numbers, and animals. It features four different animals that pop up when little ones press, turn, and flip the buttons. The toy also helps develop language and fine motor skills, as well as action and reaction and color recognition.

Addo Woodlets Bead Maze

The Woodlets Bead Maze is a colorful and engaging toy that helps toddlers develop their fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, color and shape recognition. The maze features bright colors, different textures, and exciting sounds that will capture your baby's attention and keep them entertained for hours. It is safe for children 12 months and older and is sure to provide hours of fun and entertainment.

Addo Pitter Patter Pets Pretty Little Kitty Assorted

The Pitter Patter Pets Pretty Little Kitty is kitten toy that is perfect for children aged 3 and above. It has a sweet expression and it makes meow sounds and wags its tail when you press a button. It also comes with a bed that doubles as its packaging. There are lots of interactive features to discover too!