Ryan'S World Micro Mystery Egg Series 1 (Styles Vary)

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Create an unboxing adventure at home with the Series 1 Micro Mystery Egg from the Ryan's World range (styles vary).

Kids will love pretending to be just like Ryan when they crack open this awesome Micro Mystery Egg. Inside, they'll find lots of surprises to make playtime even more exciting. Open it up to discover 4 figures, 1 vehicle, play putty and stickers.

No two Micro Mystery Eggs are the same! That means it'll always be a fun surprise when your little ones open the Egg up.

Key features:

  • Includes egg, 4 figures, vehicle, putty and stickers.
  • Enter Ryan's Mystery Micro verse for a whole new scale of fun!
  • For the ultimate fan of the Ryan’s World the Mega Micro Egg is a “must-have”.
  • Crack open the Micro Mystery Egg to find all the surprises insides!
  • Product Dimensions: L 16 x W 16 x H 21 cm

For ages 3 and over.